Jess Gallagher Summer & Winter Paralympic Medallist

Premiers #ActiveApril 2017



Jess jumps on board as a Premier's Active April ambassador for 2017!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining the team as an ambassador for 2017!As a Paralympian and Osteopath I really get to experience firsthand and see through working with my patients the incredible positive impact being active has to your happiness and health so it seemed such a wonderful fit when I was asked to take part. I truly believe in the power of movement and the Premier's Active April is a fantastic way to encourage and empower everyone in Victoria to get involved! Signing up is FREE, all we ask is you set yourself the GOAL of 30 minutes of activity for the month of April... it could be anything from walking your dogs to playing a game of Netball ... use your imagination and get creative! Finding physical activity and/ or a sport that you love means that staying active is easy because you LOVE it!  There's NO WAY I could train as much as I do if I didn't love what I do!

So sign up, get involved, tell your friends and family and we can all move together!

Check out the Active April website (link below) there is lots of fantastic information to help you get started, prizes to be won for taking part and lots of discounts and offers from the campaign's supporters... for all my cycling buddies, Cycling Victoria are offering a 20% discount on their membership... woo hoo!

Here's to our ACTIVE APRIL! :)

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