Jess Gallagher Summer & Winter Paralympic Medallist

2XU The Ultimate Recovery Compression


2XU: The real gains begin NOW!

It was an absolute delight when my long time sponsor 2XU asked me to be involved in their latest campaign for their BRAND NEW compression technology.

I had been sent a pair of the new recovery tights a few months earlier to test out, one of the things I love about 2XU is that they engage with their athletes so much and ask us to be involved in all aspects of their brand. Who better to test out recovery compression tights than professional athletes who are under intesne and extreme training loads?!

Personally, I have always loved 2XU's compression tights so I was eager to test these out! for myself.  The full length leg component with stirrups certainly took me back to the 90's when these were on trend (lol!) thankfully these are not obvious on appearance! I was amazed at the difference I felt with the heightened compression along with having the extra coverage of compression below my ankle accompained by the new graduated circular compression through the lower leg, I could really feel the compression holding my legs!. As with any compression the benefits are many... greater muscle stabilisation, enhanced blood flow,heightened propriception etc... to learn more or buy yourself a pair hit up 

But back to the ad... if you haven't seen it doing the rounds of social media take a look for yourself!

2XU's Recovery compression tights... the real GAINS begin NOW!