Jess Gallagher Summer & Winter Paralympic Medallist

My Sponsorship Vision with Jessica Gallagher



The Athlete Sponsorship Podcast

Episode 15 – My Sponsorship Vision – with Jessica Gallagher


Episode 15 brings a very special guest to the show, and who offers insight and inspiration, as well as some practical examples of how to get sponsorship right.

Jessica Gallagher is an incredible athlete, competing and medalling in both the summer and winter Paralympic games, as well as being a qualified osteopath, professional speaker and ambassador for the Vision 2020 Australia foundation.

As a young girl, Jess was a competitive netballer, but in her teen years her eyesight deteriorated so rapidly and severely that she was unable to continue in netball, and was classified as legally blind. Not one to shy away from life, Jess has gone on to create an amazingly full and successful career both on and off the sporting arena.


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Originally published 19/03/2017