Jess Gallagher Summer & Winter Paralympic Medallist

Change The Game


Earlier this year I was fortunate to be selected in the 2017/2018 Change The Game program.

Change the Game is a program developed through partnership with BlueScope Steel and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and it has been designed to build personal leadership capacity and expand mindsets beyond business and sport.

Ten female athletes have been selected to join alongside ten Bluescope Executives and together we headed for a workshop in Canberra to begin the first of three workshops over the next twelve months.

Through facilitated workshops courtesy of Melbourne Business School we began to learn more about one another, not just our Bluescope friends but also between athletes with a wide range of sports being involved meaning that I personally had only crossed paths with a couple of girls previously. It was a challenging two days with the end goal to allow an evolutionary process to match ourselves, one female athlete and one Bluescope attendee. The twelve month program providing opportunities for regular communication between pairs but also the group as a whole.

(Change The Game AIS female athletes with Australian Sports Commission CEO Kate Palmer)

I was delighted to be matched with Daniel Crompton, The Oricon Steel Site Manager for Salisbury in Brisbane. With 180 staff under his watchful eye and a complex Steel Site to run I’ve really enjoyed learning about his world and the experiences within it.

Recently I joined Dan at a Bluescope Leading Team conference run on site in Brisbane for 12 of his fellow Bluescope lead managers and had the pleasure of delivering my keynote ‘Trust - Mindset - Courage’. They were a great group of people, with lots of interesting questions and has made me really excited for my next visit and the opportunity to tour the site and learn more.

I’ll be sure to share more about my journey through this program as it evolves over the coming twelve months!